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SUBWAY® restaurants are the biggest and fastest growing franchise in the world. Currently, the chain consists of more than 39 416 restaurants in 102 countries of the world, including 77 in Poland.

SUBWAY® restaurants are famous for their sandwiches shaped like a submarine, commonly known as SUBs. Our sandwiches are always freshly prepared according to your order and in front of you.

All day long, each restaurant bakes several different kinds of fresh bread, e.g. cheese and oregano or wholegrain. Our sandwiches are created by you out of a wide range of products, i.e. cured meat and meat, lots of fresh vegetables, cheese, spreads, and original condiments.

SUBWAY® gained a reputation of the restaurant serving fresh products of the highest quality, with high nutritional values, wonderful taste and being an alternative for the traditional “fat fast-foods”.

SUBWAY® perfectly fits to the changing lifestyle and intelligent eating habits in Europe. When you eat in SUBWAY®, you get not only a sandwich, but also a perfect service, the highest quality, and a possibility of choice of healthy lifestyle.

In SUBWAY® menu there are also superb fresh salads and delicious American cookies baked on-site. Seasonally, we also serve hot, nourishing soups in some restaurants.

SUBWAY® restaurants also offer an excellent catering service with as specifically selected products as Sandwich Feast or Megasandwich, which are a perfect fit for all parties, meetings or conferences.

Visit us! Try our products just once, and you’ll be a regular. We’re sure of that!